Spirit Guided Wholistic Counseling

Are you Looking for Solutions that are both Practical and Spiritual and information that will give you a new + fresh new perspective while increasing your levels of health + well-being?

This is preventive care--the only true way to lasting health, and you will learn the best choices and options for your self-care and a lifestyle that works for you. No diets, no deprivation, no guilt, no shame. Your ancestry will be looked at since this provides important clues on how your body is built. Can-do solutions are available to you right now. Your body is designed to feel good and work beautifully...sometimes you just have to get out of the way and stop the habits that weaken your body's systems.

Medical Wisewoman Dr. Miluna uses her unique training and experience in nutrition, medical intuition, ARCH® Energy Healing Therapy and Holistic Psychology to guide you to the correct answers for you. Her personal journey of healing gives her insight into the physical, emotional, mental and financial challenges associated with disease.

How Clients are Helped

Medical intuition sees the subtle levels of the body and comes from the spiritual plane where there is a perspective and comprehensive viewpoint of all that is. Dr. Miluna receives her guidance in the form of knowing (claircognizant) and feeling (clairsentient). She then counsels you in a sensitive, supportive, and empowering way. You are not one-size-fits-all.  You are unique.

Miluna specifically prepares for each client and because of this works by Appointment only. Sessions are in-person at Dr. Miluna’s Studio or by telephone. Daytime, evening and weekend appointments are available.

International Directory of Medical Intuitives

An online Directory of Medical Intuitives, many with advanced training in Holistic Health & Complementary Medicine, Energy Therapy and other Healing Modalities.

10 Minutes to Health Affirmations CD

The Intuitive is In!

"It was a pleasure meeting you on Saturday. You left a lasting impression on me. I'm following the suggestions you gave me so far.”
Liz in Orange County
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